Safety And Peace Of Mind

Safety and Peace of Mind

Safety and Peace of Mind in 2016

The World has changed. The World has lost its innocence.

In my life these are some of the things people talk about a lot. It is difficult to find safety and peace of mind due to the fact that the daily news is filled with nothing but stories of crime and brutality. It has become increasingly more challenging for parents to protect their children once they leave the safety of the home. When I was a kid we used to leave the house early in the morning without a specific destination and the only rule was to return home once the street lights came on. This definitely was a much more innocent time.

These days our anxieties are all amped up with news stories of child abductions, school shootings and the never ending threat of terrorist attacks. I personally don’t believe things are as bad as the mainstream media makes it out to be with their cherry picked stories, however, knowing that your children are safe as they go throughout their daily and nightly activities does give one a certain amount of peace of mind.

We all know from our own teenage years that we weren’t always forthcoming to our parents with our nightly plans. We did this partly to save our parents from worrying but mostly because we knew they would most likely not be pleased to know that instead of going to the movies we were actually attending a house party were alcoholic beverages were being served. Or that going skateboarding included doing a kick flip while jumping a flight of stairs and sticking the landing (hopefully) onto the concrete surface below.

In todays World, getting kids to “check-in” is a reality that can also be a chore. It is viewed by most teenagers as an unnecessary invasion of their privacy. This is where the MySafeButton comes in. It is a quick, easy way for your kids, friends and extended family to checkin with the click of a button. When you open the app and check your connections you can see what time they last checked in as well as their location anywhere in the World. They also have the option of sending a text message with the click. The click is instantaneous and has the ability to provide you with peace of mind that your child is alright even if they aren’t doing exactly what they should be.

We all know that you can’t be there 24/7.

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