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Halloween is coming and with all the weird ideas and costumes and pranks that people do, it would be a great relief to know that your kids are safe while out on the streets. Last year, on the day my son’s school chose to wear their Halloween costumes to school, there was an emergency shut down of all the schools in the area. We did not know what the issue was until later in the day, but there was a man trying to lure kids to talk with him and he was threatening teachers outside the private school in our town. My initial thought was that a child had thought it a great idea to bring a real weapon to school to match their costume….. or something terrible like that. At the time the school shut down and I saw police vehicles flying in the direction of the schools, I would have loved my son to have had “The Safe Button” app on a phone, so I would have known immediately that he was safe and not in danger. My son is young and we will still be with him when he goes Trick or Treating this year, but I know many of you parents out there are worried about your independent kids out there on the streets, in the dark and are they sticking to the route you approved with them? An added worry is the Scary Clown prank that is showing its ugly head indiscriminately this year! Look up “My Safe Button” app on your phone and down load it for just $1 for you whole family this year for Halloween, so that your loved ones can check in with you every now and then so that with the click of a button you can see their location and breathe knowing they are safely enjoying the evening.

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