Travel Plans

Travel Plans

Travel Plans – Traveling around the world in 2016.

Fall is here and winter dreariness and cold is reality. Many of us are thinking about winter trips to escape for warmer climates. When we travel, our family and friends want to stay connected, so they can feed off our adventures and to reassure them we are safe.

Communication makes us feel closer even when we may be on opposite sides of the earth. One of the best ways to reassure and update our important contacts, is by using `My Safe Button`. This new app allows up to 10 people in a family to share just one app purchase, and allows you to communicate with all of your chosen contacts all at once, instead of multiple phone calls. Everyone can see where you are in the world every time you check in, so they know you have reached your destination.`My Safe Button`is equally great for business trips, when you need to check in with colleagues and family once you have landed, but don`t have time to make 3 phone calls for another hour. We have used it when my husband has traveled across Canada, and my son and I love seeing his check-in messages letting us know where he is and that he is thinking of us even if he doesn’t have time to chat at that moment. There is no better way to reassure and feel closer to those far away than with `My Safe Button`.

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