Hiking Safety

Hiking Safety

It is no surprise that hiking is a hugely popular activity in Western Canada, making hiking safety a huge priority. British Columbia alone has more that 6000 km of hiking trails. These trails lead to some of the most beautiful natural spots in the world. Hikers are able to connect with nature as they traverse from place to place shaking off the shackles of everyday life, carrying their only needs in packs on their backs.

As most experienced hikers are aware, there are sometimes hazards associated with these nature adventures. As a result hiking safety tips have sprung up all over the internet. In order to guarantee a safe and successful hike, these hiking safety tips should be followed.

Hiking Safety – Most Common Mistakes Made on the Trails

A simple mistake on the trails can either be a minor inconvenience or potentially life threatening. Choosing the wrong path or not bringing a map can cost hikers to lose many hours or even become lost. There are plenty of other opportunities to make mistakes out in the wilderness. Most experienced hikers learn from these mistakes. They utilize their knowledge to prevent these mistakes from reoccurring in the future.

Preparing for the Hike

Hiking can be a fun, affordable way to get exercise and explore your surrounding area. Hiking is an activity that is available to almost everyone, however, hiking safety and preparation should always be taken seriously before embarking on the trip to the trials. There is a list known as the Top 10 Essentials for hiking safely that can be accessed on many online outdoor hiking websites. Some of the basic hiking survival items include; map, compass, water, lighter, food and weather gear. Some safety tips include; telling friends and family where you plan to hike, taking a cell phone and doing some basic research on the area where you plan to hike.

These items are all good to ensure a safe and successful hike. In addition to a cell phone their is a new app called My Safe Button that allows hikers to let their friends and family know they are safe and their exact location anywhere in the world with the click of a button . It one of your fellow hikers gets lost or wanders away from the group, My Safe Button will show on a map the shortest distance between you and the lost hiker. If you run into trouble, My Safe Button will show your exact location to potential rescue teams.

Enjoy the 2017 hiking season and remember to always be safe.

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