Safe Travel



Safe Travel

Safe travel in the world has become a top 10 discussion point amongst frequent travellers and once a year vacationers alike. No matter where you are travelling in the World there are usually people at home who will want to know that you are safe.  This can be a somewhat tedious task if you have to update several people, several times during your travels.  You may be required to make multiple long distance phone calls or login to your email account to inform your loved ones that you are fine and that there is nothing to worry about.

With MySafeButton, you can let everyone know that you are safe, your current location and what time it is when you check in, with the simple click of a button.

MySafeButton can be used as many or as few times as you want during your travels.  There is also an option to send a text message to update your contacts if there is a change in plans, a delay of your flight or any other of the many things that can come up unexpectedly during your travels.

MySafeButton enables you to easily provide peace of mind to your friends and family while you are enjoying your travels.

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