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Let Them Know You’re Safe!

In South Africa, personal security and the protection of property are major national obsessions. It is so prevalent that it is the number one daily discussion topic of many South Africans. 

My Safe Button is an app that enables it’s users to let their friends and family members know that they are safe and their exact location, anywhere in the world. This convenient application is useful for any lifestyle.

It can be used by parents who have teen agers who feel that checking in with them is an invasion of their privacy. It can be used by the travellers who upon arrival of their destination usually have to make a series of long distance phone calls, texts or emails to let their loved ones back home know that they are safe.


My Safe Button is for friends, family and co workers. It is an easy to use app that can provide peace of mind.

Easy to Use

My Safe Button number-1

Download  the app.

My Safe Button number-2

Add your contacts.

My Safe Button number-3

Click the button.

An unintrusive way for your teens to let you know they’re safe.

Awesome Features

1 Click Check In
Give them peace of mind. Let them know you’re safe with just a click of the button.

Detailed Views
Check the latest stats. View when someone has last checked in.

World View
Show on map where you were when you last check in. Anywhere in the World.

Instant Messaging
Send an instant message when you check in. Let them know about an update or change of plans.

My Settings
Set up your own safety network of friends, family & co-workers.

Get The Updates
Get all of the new updates and features as they become available for free.

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